How to choose good quality paint stop filters?

How to choose good quality paint stop filters?

The quality of paint stop filters influence the filtration efficiency and usage life.
How to choose good quality paint stop filters would be a little difficult for some people.

Normally, the raw materials directly affect the quality of finished filter media, the fiberglass fiber from high-quality raw materials is not easily broken and damaged, secondly, the machines used also affect the quality. Finally, if there are more skilled workers, that would be more helpful.

When you decide to buy paint stop filters, there are several methods to tell the quality of paint stop filters.

1. Check the appearance to see If paint stop filters are even or not, if yes, the filter media is good.
2. Check if paint stop filters spring back into shape or not, if yes, the media is excellent in resilience
3. Check the thickness of fiberglass fiber, if the fiber is too thin, it is easily to be blocked when using, if the fiber is too thick, the efficiency is bad.
4. Check the density of paint stop filters.
5. Check the weight of paint stop filters, the ones are better than are in same sizes.

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