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How does the US-China trade war affect in LED fishing light business?

How does the US-China trade war effect in LED fishing light business?

The American President Donald Trump has just improved tariff to 25% for 250 billion goods, the LED fishing light is involved, then how will it affect fishing light business?

No doubt it is not good news for Chinese LED fishing light manufactures who has business with US customers, the price reduction can solve current problems, but it is not an ultimate solution,
Anyhow, Exchange rate may decline for a long time. This may help.

For the other area in the world, there is no effect for LED fishing light business. So don’t worry about it if you want to buy LED fishing light products from China, competitive LED fishing light will be provided as always.

The efficiency and the thickness of the air filter media

The efficiency of air filter media the can be achieved from G1 to F9,that is, the primary air filter media and medium efficiency air filter media, if high efficiency air filter media is needed, the thickness and the density will be increased accordingly.

The Thickness and efficiency are related as follows,




22-25mm, F5

30mm with fine synthetic fiber material,F6

5-8mm with fine synthetic fiber material, F5-F9

Normally, what we are talking about is synthetic fiber air filter media, the thickness of the material will be 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, etc and 30mm is the maximum thickness.
Once the thickness of the air filter media is more than 30mm, the resistance will exceed the force of the fan,will influence the effect of air filter media.

The use and characteristics of ceiling filters

Ceiling filters,are also called roof filters, spray booth ceiling filters and so on.

They are mainly used in automobile paint room, automobile paint room, furniture paint room and furniture paint room and very common in automobile factories, bicycle factories, household appliances, automobile repair factories, motorcycle factories, electronic painting operation systems and other fields.

What are the characteristics of the ceiling filters?

1.Ceiling filters are made by high performance hot melt non-woven fabrics made of anti-fracture organic synthetic fibers.
2.With viscous treatment, the filter materials dip sufficiently to make sure the best spraying effect.The adhesive can permeate the filters completely, which makes it impossible for the tiny dust particles to pass through, and can make the air flow uniformly diffuse and form a laminar flow state at the same time.
3.With the incremental structure, ceiling filters can block different sizes of dust.
4.The outlet surface of ceiling filters are particularly dense, a layer of net or cloth is added to strengthen the finalization. This structure keeps the filter material with high filtration efficiency and dust capacity, and also prolongs the service life of the filter material.

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How paint booth filters work in paint rooms?

There are three kinds of common paint booth filters ,which are intake filters rolls , ceiling filters, fiberglass filters ,they are used to filter 1-10 micron suspended particulate dust in air.

1.Intake filter rolls are the first stage air filter which mainly filters the larger dust in the air;
2.Ceiling filters are the second filtration,which are also the most important filters. The fresh air filtered evenly diffuses and forms a laminar flow state, which achieves the best spraying effect.
3.Fiberglass filters are the third filtration,they mainly filter the excess paint in the air to reduce paint content and odor in tail gas.

Paint booth filters are mostly used in automobile paint room, furniture paint room, automobile paint room and furniture paint room.

When is a best time to replace spray booth filters?

When is a best time to replace spray booth filters media?

There are two kinds of filters in spry booths, which are intake filters and exhaust filters.Most intake filters are located in the ceilings (ceiling filters) or panels(pre filter or pre filter bags) to prevent dirt or particles from the air to the chamber.

Exhaust filters are located in the floor, some are at the opposite end of intake filters,the positions are different for different kinds of booths.
Exhaust filters are to capture over spray mist or particles before air emit to outdoor.

As time passes by, spray booth filters will accumulate a large amount of dust and dirt,when more dust being arrested,more impact will be caused to painting&baking job,therefore,this comes to some questions?when is a best time to replace spray booth filters? and how often should spray booth filters be changed?

The most important thing is to choose a reliable supplier and do not go cheap to avoid spay booth filters in poor quality,sometimes cheap spray booth filters mean  short service life, poor filtration effect  and endless trouble in replacement and maintenance of spray booths.

Then consider use environment,

1. The environment where the paint room located is dusty and windy. It is recommended to check once every two months and replace it for 3-6 months,it depends on the environment.
Take example of car spray booths,changing  frequency is as below

pre filters ,normally 15 to 30 days.
ceiling filters, within 3 to 6 months,if choose good quality ceiling filters and work with correct replacement period of pre filter media,ceiling filters can last more than a year.
paint stop exhaust filters,1 to 3 months.

2. If the environment is good and the dust is small, the spray booth filters in good quality can be used once a year.

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How to choose good quality paint stop filters?

How to choose good quality paint stop filters?

The quality of paint stop filters influence the filtration efficiency and usage life.
How to choose good quality paint stop filters would be a little difficult for some people.

Normally, the raw materials directly affect the quality of finished filter media, the fiberglass fiber from high-quality raw materials is not easily broken and damaged, secondly, the machines used also affect the quality. Finally, if there are more skilled workers, that would be more helpful.

When you decide to buy paint stop filters, there are several methods to tell the quality of paint stop filters.

1. Check the appearance to see If paint stop filters are even or not, if yes, the filter media is good.
2. Check if paint stop filters spring back into shape or not, if yes, the media is excellent in resilience
3. Check the thickness of fiberglass fiber, if the fiber is too thin, it is easily to be blocked when using, if the fiber is too thick, the efficiency is bad.
4. Check the density of paint stop filters.
5. Check the weight of paint stop filters, the ones are better than are in same sizes.

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Where To Buy HVAC Filters

HVAC stands for heat, ventilation and air conditioning.  Three types of common HVAC systems exist: the central AC system, the packaged heating and air conditioning system, the split and window AC. All of them have different properties and come in various shapes and sizes.

The most important component of an HVAC system is the air filters it has. Many people seem to ignore it, however they shouldn’t. An air filter in the HVAC system helps purify the air. It blocks all the dust and dirt particles, or anything which is trash or dirt. Mainly, three common types of air filters for HVAC systems are available. These are the spun fiberglass air filters, pleated air filters and electrostatic air filters.

Low efficiency filters are inexpensive and affordable. These air filters are the ones which are most commonly used in HVAC systems. However, these filters only do a good job of protecting the HVAC machinery from getting damaged by the contamination in the air. It blocks large dust and dirt particles and does not purify the air evenly. Medium efficiency  air filters, on the other hand, are much more efficient in purifying air than Low efficiency filters. They mainly purify the air because of which they put a lot of load and pressure on the HVAC machine to work harder. All of these air filters come in either washable or disposable forms. With washable filters, you can choose to wash the filters and not buy a new one every 3 months. It saves money. Whereas with disposable, you don’t have to deal with getting the fungus and bacteria off of the filters. You’d have to deal with this if your filters are washable.

Where To Buy HVAC Filters

When looking for HVAC filters, many people are quite unsure where to buy them from. A few of the questions which pop up in their head may be whether the company selling the filters is trustworthy and reliable, whether the filter is of high quality, whether the filter will live up to the standards, etc. The answer to all your HVAC filter related questions is just one company. It is called Cleantech,an air filter manufacturer in China.

Why should you choose this company? It is because this company has had more than 12 years of experience in creating different types of air filters. Making the most updated versions of air filters is what they specifically do. Which is why they are very experienced in making air filters and completely reliable. They provide you with filters made of the highest quality.

Choose Cleantech. You wont be disappointed.

How To Change HVAC Filters

Your HVAC system will have a ‘return air intake’ from where the air is sucked and cool air is given out instead. The filters are inserted through that area. Usually when your air filters tend to get clogged and dirty, the ‘return air intake’ gets tarry and black. It signifies that the air filter is dirty. Plus, if you notice dust and dirt in your house, that is also a sure sign that your HVAC air filters have become dirty.

To change the HVAC air filters, locate the ‘return air intake’ on your HVAC unit and remove it. There will be clips fastening the ‘return air intake’ which should be released. You will see the air filter directly in front. Make note of what the size of your filter is. The size will be written on the exterior of the HVAC filter. Go shopping and get a new filter. Remove the old filter from the return air intake and push your new filter in. The arrows of ‘air flow’ should be pointed down, in the opening.

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